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New Data included on Parcel Layer.
AYB = Actual Year Built
EYB = Effective Year Built
Fire District Codes (Coming Soon)

What is the PIN number?
PIN stands for "Parcel Identification Number". It is a unique record identifier that can be used to locate a parcel of land in the GIS system. The first 12 digits are the most significant ones. The first four designate the Tile number, the next two, the Sub-tile number, the next two the Block number and the final four are the actual parcel ID number. The PIN generated as a result of a combination of the Northing and Easting of the geometric center of the parcel.

Are Latitude and Longitude available on the GIS site?
Yes. At the initail page of the webgis site, you will be given three choices of applications to use, ArcIMS, Parcel QuickSearch, and MobileSearch. If you select ArcIMS, when you reach the map screen, by placing the cursor anywhere on the map, you will see a coordinate readout at the bottom of your web browser.

Can I search with the PIN number in ArcIMS?
Yes. Syntax is important here. Select the "Query" button from the toolbar at the top of the map. When the "Query Builder" window pops up, leave the "Layer" field at default, find the field "Tax Parcel No.(text)" in the "Fields" field. By double-clicking on this field, you will see the word "PIN" appear in the "Query" field. Select the "=" button on the screen, and key in the first twelve digits of the PIN. You should add an apostrophe before the first digit and after the last digit, then hit the "execute" button. You should be able to select the "highlight" option from the record displayed to see the map.

Is there an easier way to search by PIN?
Yes! By selecting "Parcel QuickSearch" you can quickly and easily search using the PIN. The application begins with a page that allows you to select a search method based on the information you have.

Can I search using a physical address?
Not at this point. The Avery County Mapping Department is currently working on a data layer that will not only allow you to search using a physical address but will also allow you to locate individual condo units as well! Look for that in the future!

I can't select the "Aerial Imagery" option. Why?
The Aerial Photos involve a lot of data that isn't easily accommodated by the Internet. Therefore, you must "zoom" to a level where the data required to fill the view will be managable over the Internet. The option to activate the air photos will present itself when the proper "zoomed-in" level is reached.

For searching for multiple records.....

1. You MUST be on the ArcIMS GIS portion of the website.
2. Select "Query" Button.
3. Layer will be "Parcel".
4. Select "Brief Description (text)" from "Fields".
5. Click on the "Like" Button on the "Query Builder" window.
6. "Query" field should say"LEGAL_1 LIKE".
7. Enter what you would like to search for, such as "County of Avery". Make sure to enclose search phrase with apostrophies.
8. "Query" field should look like "LEGAL_1 LIKE 'County of Avery' 
9. HIt "Execute" button.