Raquel Jennings, Director

Shannon Singleton, Administrative Assistant

Tabby Brewer, Processing Assistant

Pat Hopper, Processing Assistant

Truman Robbins, Computer Systems Administrator

Medicaid Supervisor

Jennifer Jennings

Adult Medicaid and CAP Case Workers

Bonnie Banner

Megan McDowell

Laura McIntosh

Stephanie Daniels

Family and Children's Medicaid Case Workers

Cecily Avery

Beth McLaughlin

Heather Buchanan

Laissa Maciel

Food and Nutrition Services and Work First Supervisor

Ashley Mckinney

Food and Nutrition Services Case Workers

Jennie Jarrett

Tammy Johnson

Monica Mottern

Program Integrity Investigator

Heather Daniels

Work First Family Assistance

Tasha Smith

Day Care Coordinator

Amy Greene

Adult Social Workers

Chanda McCoury, Adult Protective Services

Emily Volk, Adult Protective Services

Social Work Supervisors

Kelly Icenhour

Children's Social Workers

Robbyn Mull, Foster Parenting and Adoptions

Debbie Bowman, Child Protective Services

Ashley Crenshaw, Child Protective Services

Anna Lunsford, Child Protective Services

Megan Hudson, Child Protective Services

Lisa Tafoya, Child Protective Services

Kathy Trice, Child Protective Services

Ashley Mina, Child Protective Services

Child Support Enforcement Agent

Nikki Witz