Public Notice Lease of County Property

The Board of Commissioners for Avery County intends to enter into a lease of the following
County owned property: being that real property located in Avery County, Linville Township,
consisting of two lots, each of which is 25 ft. x 180 ft. fronting on State highway number 194 and
known as lots 30 and 31 on a map prepared by J. A. Wilkie, civil engineer, which is of record in the
office of the Register of Deeds for Avery County, North Carolina, and known as the Avery Cares

The County intends to lease the property to Freedom Life Ministries. for a term of less than
three years. In consideration of the lease, Freedom Life Ministries will pay monthly rent in the
amount of $1.00.

All persons interested in this lease are invited to attend the meeting of the A very County
Board of County Commissioners on July 18, 2022 at 3 :30 pm at 175 Linville
Street, Commissioner Board Room, Newland, North Carolina 28657. At that time the Board Intends
to authorize the lease of the property described above.