Help update the FCC National Broadband Map

The Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) National Broadband Map displays where internet 
services are and are not available across the United States, as reported by internet service providers. 
The map allows consumers and other stakeholders to easily dispute the information shown on the map 
by challenging individual availability information that they believe is inaccurate.

We are encouraging all North Carolinians to review data for their home’s location and 
submit any necessary individual availability challenges to the FCC by Jan. 13, 2023. 

Service is considered “available” at a location if the provider has, or previously had, a connection in 
service to the location, or if the provider could initiate service through a routine installation within 10 
business days of a request with no extraordinary monetary charges or delays attributable to the 
extension of the provider’s network. You can submit a challenge based on the following reasons:

• Provider failed to schedule a service installation within 10 business days of a request.
• Provider did not install the service at the agreed-upon time.
• Provider requested more than the standard installation fee to connect this location.
• Provider denied the request for service. 
• Provider does not offer the technology reported to be available at this location. 
• Provider does not offer the speeds(s) reported to be available at this location. 
• Subscribed Speed Not Achievable (Your internet service is not providing the speeds you 
expect.) These challenges will be treated by the FCC as a consumer complaint.
• No wireless or satellite signal is available at this location.
• Provider needed to construct new equipment at this location.

Go to the FCC’s National Broadband Map and type your address in the search bar to begin. Then, 
determine if you need to first submit a Location Challenge by seeing if your address is displayed on 
the map at all, is incorrectly shown as a business, has the incorrect address or unit count, or has 
incorrect geographic coordinates. If so, click “Location Challenge” (upper right) to complete the form.
Then, proceed the following steps for the Availability Challenge.

• Select the Fixed Broadband tab and then click the Availability Challenge link (mid-right).
• In the window that opens, click “Select” next to the provider whose service you want to challenge.
• Select either (1) “Send my challenge to the selected provider,” which will initiate a challenge 
against the provider, or (2) “I’m giving feedback about the information above but not submitting 
a challenge.”
• Enter your contact information - your name and email are required - and your phone number is 
• Select the reason code for your challenge. The remaining fields will update based on the type of 
challenge you select.
• Enter a description and upload any supporting documents or screenshots.
• Check the certification box.
• Click Submit.

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